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Model: , | Views: 350 views | Category: Lesbian | Lenght: 3m 00s
Farrah Rae, Rayna Lee lesbiansexcity
Heartbroken through her boyfriend captured fucking her own sister, Farrah Rae runs into the caring arms of Rayna Lee! After a little comforting, warm seductive ginger teen, Rayna requires if Farrah offers ever fooled around along with girls prior to. I wonder how long Rayna's been waiting to make a transfer, because one glance at Farrah's slim body, darling face and smallish cute breasts, well, it comes down to damn period this dream became a real possibility. Spreading her long, tanned thighs apart, Rayna gently tongues Farrah's clit. Then, they share a passionate make-out program and Farrah finds out what her personal delicious twat preferences like...